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A 22-year career as a competitive Volleyball athlete won Kerri Olympic Gold Medalist, OAM, International Volleyball Player of the Decade and multiple Australian Championships.  



As a successful self-published author, Kerri has been able to articulate her experiences in order to share her wisdom and create the ripple effect that continues to inspire generations.



Kerri is now well-renowned keynote speaker and an educator as a story sharing PT for athletes to share their own unique stories. 

the ATHLETE STORY IS A ripple effect that inspires for generations.

Kerri is on a mission to help her fellow athletes to share The Athlete Story behind the glory and create what she calls "The Ripple Effect" that continues to inspire for generations to come. 

You can still drive an income from doing things you love and doing things that are related to the success that you have in sport. By taking a 'business' savvy approach to your sporting career you can creatively find ways to earn income to fund your journey. Not many athletes want to talk about the business side of the sport, and yet it is crucial to reaching your everlasting goals. It doesn't matter whether you are an enthusiastic amateur, a seasoned professional, or on your way to your first Olympic Games all athletes have a story to tell at every stage of the journey. 

Having the right mindset is every bit as important as having the right physical training program and treating your personal brand as a lucrative business to seeking out financial opportunities. Like sports, you have to find the right coaching team to practice the art and science behind great storytelling. 


Kerri wants to educate, inspire and transform her fellow athletes into powerful storytellers. With a very flexible and hands-on approach, she is able to facilitate 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Keynotes and Workshops. 


Learning how to tell your story isn't just for presenting or speaking it can be powerful in many different formats.

  • Sponsorships, Media & Ambassadorships

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Endorsements

  • Corporate Team Building & Workshops

  • TV, Radio, Digital Entertainment

  • Sports Commentary

  • Fundraising / MC

  • Life Coaching / Educating

"We were all 110% inspired! Kerri had the entire audience captivated and we could not stop talking about her brilliant (and interactive) talk for the rest of the conference! Thank you so much Kerri, was an absolute joy to meet you"

Layla, PBSA

Kerri understands what it takes to be world class and the process it takes to execute and deliver on a dream. Only a few win Olympic Gold Medals and even fewer can articulate the process that produces such a world class result!

Michael Duff, MINDsense

You were truly a knowledgable, open and engaging professional. Our staff really responded to the stories you shared and it drew out great parallels as to what we are trying to achieve as an organisation.

Mark, TIO


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